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V8Options works to comply with all international standards and regulations to ensure a safe, secure and transparent trading environment. In order to approve and activate your trading account we require all clients to submit the necessary documentation to our compliance department.


By conforming to our AML policy V8Options clients enjoy a fast and efficient account activation and ongoing service. If you have any questions, please contact


You can make two trades before you submit your Documentation.


Document Submission Requirements

In order to open an account you need to provide a color copy of valid ID which contains proof of address such as a passport or other official identification document issued by authorities such as driver’s license or national identity card.

The identification document must contain your full name, expiration date, your place and date of birth.

Remember, if after two trades we have still not received your documentation, the account will be frozen until you upload your documentation for account activation.

You can upload your ID directly to our site by clicking on the “Upload File” option on the Right Hand Side of the Trading platform under account settings.

If your account is temporarily “frozen” and you have uploaded your ID, our compliance team are able to unfreeze your account within 24 hours. Usually a lot sooner if received within business hours.