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How do I sign up?
Do I need to deposit money to register?
How long does it take to open an account?
Do you offer different account types?
Do you offer Islamic Trading Accounts?
Do you offer any training?
I forgot my login or password, what should I do?
How do I change my password?
How can I update my personal details?


Can I start trading before I submit my supporting documents?
Does your company require any documentation from traders to get started?
What supporting documents are required for opening an account?
Do I need to provide a proof of address?
How do I send documents to V8Options?
My documents are not in English. Will this be a problem?


What are the terms & conditions for bonuses?
Can you further explain the different terms I see in the bonus indicator?
Are there any special conditions regarding withdrawal and bonuses?


What are your customer service hours?
Does V8Options restrict my funds in any way?
Does V8Options hold my funds in a segregated bank account?
What is a segregated bank account?
How do I contact V8Options support?


What are the deposit methods?
Is it safe to deposit funds online at V8Options?
Are there any fees for depositing funds into my account?
What is the fee to withdraw funds from my account?
Where do I deposit funds?
What are the currency options when depositing?
What is the minimum deposit required to open an account?
What is the maximum deposit?
Can I deposit funds using my friend’s credit card?
Why is my account frozen?
How can I make a withdrawal?
What are the withdrawal methods?
Can I withdraw funds deposited via credit card back to a bank account?
Is there a minimum withdrawal limit?
How can I cancel a withdrawal request?
What is a CVV code?
How many credit cards can I use to deposit funds to my account?
What is the maximum deposit amount by credit card?


What are binary options (also referred to as digital options)?
Is trading binary options gambling?
What if I don’t have enough time to trade?
Is Binary Options legal?
Do you have spreads or commissions?


Do you offer mobile trading?
Do you offer a free DEMO account?
What browsers does your trading platform support?
How are your expiration prices calculated?
How can I view my account transaction history for credits and charges?
What is a binary call option?
What is a binary put option?
What is the investment amount?
Why do some assets have different payouts, isn’t the risk the same?
What is the current price shown for each underlying asset?
Is it possible to open a call and a put option on the same option?
What is the minimum/maximum amount to open a position (new trade)?
How can I know the direction that the price will move?
What is the minimum time to place a trade on High /Low options before the expiry?
What is Risk-o-Meter?
What is the Sell-Back feature?
Does the Sentiment Indicator represent an analysis done by professionals or simply the trades made by people on your sites?
How can I view several different assets on the same page at the same time?
What is StrategiX?
What are Weekend Options?


What is the V8Options affiliates program?
Why should I join the V8Options affiliates program?
How do I sign up?
How do I learn more about your affiliate program?