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Trading Academy

Educational Trading Tools, Tips, and Information Resources

Trading Academy

V8Options believes that an educated trader is our best asset. Experience, knowledge, education and market data are vital to all traders success and profits.

The V8Options education center offers a large variety of educational tools to explore at no cost to our Traders.


We offer:


Video Tutorials

V8Options traders are offered complete courses on how to trade strategies and understanding the financial markets ranging from platform skills to understanding forex indicators. These videos are great for novices and professional alike.




New to the financial world? check out this complete list of professional terms and common lingo, and easily understand what everybody is talking about.




V8Options offers new traders and established traders a detailed eBooks at no charge. Our basic binary guide can be downloaded easily once you register with V8Options. Ask your account manager for assistance.



Personal Attention

V8Options offers a variety of support services to help beginners, novices and professional traders to conquer the financial markets. We offer personal Account Managers, 1-on-1 training and our Exclusive Ask The Expert Program along with our educational classes. Ask your Account Manager or customer support person for assistance with these programs.



Ask The Expert

V8Options provides its customers with a unique and exclusive Ask The Expert service by putting our traders in touch with our team of Trading Experts. Ask them anything from how a particular stock is doing to where to find the best analysis on commodity performance. Ask the Experts is an exclusive service only available to V8Options Traders.



V8Options Live Webinars

V8Options offers a series of free webinars to help beginning traders or traders new to financial markets to better understand the different kinds of trading and investing and then offers basic trading strategies. For more advanced Traders V8Options offers a range of free trading Webinars designed to further enhance our traders success potential.