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Withdrawal Methods


Easy Withdrawals

You can make a withdrawal request at any time. We charge no fees or commissions for withdrawals. Withdrawals can be made via credit/debit card or Moneybookers. Once a withdrawal request has been processed, funds are sent by electronic funds transfer to a nominated account.


    • Make a withdrawal request at any time, for any amount, without any restrictions!


  • No transfer fees or commissions on credit card or e-wallet transactions.

How to Withdraw

  1. In order to make a withdrawal request please click here.

  2. Once you have filled out the form, it will be submitted to the banking team for review.

  3. You can see the status of your withdrawal in the balance history section of your account.

Withdraw Now

Payment methods Transfer Currencies Processing Time
Credit / Debit Card

$ (US), € (EU), £ (GB), ¥ (CN) 3 – 10 business days
Wire Transfer


$ (US), € (EU), ¥ (CN) 3 – 10 business days


$ (US), € (EU), £ (GB) 3 – 10 business days

“Accessing your funds has never been clearer or easier.”

In order to make a withdrawal from your V8Options account, you will need to log in to your account and make a withdrawal request. Once a withdrawal request is approved, your funds will be sent to you accordingly. For any questions please see our FAQ page or contact our banking team directly through


* If funds are deposited by credit card and a trader has not turned over these funds, such funds will be transferred back to the same card used.

* Funds can only be transferred to a bank account held in the same name as the trading account. Funds will not be transferred to a third person’s bank account.

* In case that you have requested a withdrawal and submitted a withdrawal form, please note that should your balance fall below the requested amount your withdrawal will automatically be cancelled.

* Wire Transfer withdrawals incur a $30 administrative fee when processed.